How to Transcript Your Video into Text

It is always a challenging task to do the video transcription. It may seem easier that audio transcription. You always will do breaks to watch the screen transcribe video to text. There is no difference if you want to transcribe youtube video or to do a simple video transcript, for example.

The things become more serious and hard if you need to do the video subtitling. It is very important to keep all the details of the interview. You will understand very soon that video to text transcription is about a lot of pauses, typing, and repeating the part of the video over and over and again.

The main problem and discomfort of the video to text transcription is your need to switch between different programs. One program you will need to enter your text while other will play the video for you. You will have to change your focus all the time going back and forth while doing your video transcripts.  Of course, you can use the hotkeys, but it will not help you much if you need to transcribe video of 90 minutes chronometry.

So, you can ask for help. You should try to video transcription services if you are not skilled enough. The video transcription service will help you transcribe youtube video to text or any kind of digital format. So, you will be able to transcribe video online very quickly. Such companies deliver video subtitling services too.

But, if you don’t want to look for a youtube video transcription service or just want to try your video transcripts yourself, you can try our tips.

6 tips for video transcription

  1. You should do your notes very quickly, prepare for that. You can practice your skills by transcribing a favorite television show or a radio program.
  2. As we said before, you should develop your own shorthand. With this option, you can use the shorten words and even summarize phrases. There will be no wording or meaning to lose.
  3. You should feel comfortable while transcribing. You should find and use whatever form you want. You can use your laptop computer or write on paper. Try to be as efficient as possible. You can always use the format is needed later.
  4. You should be as much focused and patient as you can. Try to remove all distractions.
  5. You should write an exact record of any spoken word. Don’t forget to identify the persons that are speaking.
  6. You should use your dictionary and spell check on a computer program to make sure you wrote everything correctly. Edit all grammar mistakes if it is needed, but you should know that mostly the transcript should be the reflection of the language people used in the video.