How to Make Your Professor Remember You

In high school teachers knew your name and noticed your presence at every lesson. However, in college you might face a problem with that. If you feel weird because a professor doesn’t even turn his/her head in your direction, prepare to learn some tips on how to deal with it.

Say “Thank you” when you leave the class

No, it’s not a joke. Even if you think that a single student who says ‘thank you’ when 100 other students are piling out the door like a herd of lambs won’t make a professor remember him/her, you are wrong. College professors are masterminds! They know and remember everything, like your mom. Sometimes a small ‘thank you’ can leave an image of you. College professors like attention and appreciation and manners are always beneficial. Just avoid saying: “I’m thanking you for a class so put me an A.”

Send them relevant materials

If you really want to get attention, Google a nice article relevant to the subject of the last lecture, read it, analyze, write a small summary and send it in a message to your professor. Don’t forget to attach the article. It’s easier than it seems. Just avoid sending some banal materials your professor has already seen a million times.

Hide your phone

When you want to get some positive attention from your professor, hiding your smartphone in your bag is effective. You can demonstrate that you are interested in what your professor is saying and that you don’t try to shorten time chatting with your friends in your Facebook. If your tutor notices you looking in his/her eyes instead of staring at a screen of your phone, he/she will acknowledge your interest.

Ask smart questions

Questions like “When the class is over?” and “Should I write this down?” are not in the smart list. Ask questions about the topic and show that you are familiar with the basic information. Don’t be shy to express your brilliant thoughts. But avoid asking too many questions every class.

You can fake your interest

Have you ever faked your interest? No? You have a chance to fake a lot when it comes to classes. All you need is to pretend that you are interested and look like you are interested. A quick smile when professor talks about well-known material can help.


You are recommended to nod your head from time to time to show that you understand what your tutor is saying. This is one of the best tips one can give.

These are holy secrets of students who want to be noticed in class. You can use them, but never abuse them.