Things Every Commucation Major Is Tired of Hearing

They ask, “What do you study?” And after ten minutes of explanations you see confusion on their faces, so you stop. Then, they ask, “What are you going to do after graduation?” Now you become angry because it is not an innocent curiosity, but a try to prove that your branch of study is useless. Tired of these stupid questions? Read this article to learn how to answer them.

Communication is a single discipline

Some people think that communication learns only the methods of communications and the ways they influence society. Thus, other fields like sociology, advertising, marketing and public relations are also included. This is a broad field so every student can find his/her own interest through personal focus, whether it be analysis of the communicative process through qualitative or quantitative research or analysis of messages of communication.

It is an interdisciplinary field because it combines such areas as computer science, psychology and other sciences about human contact. So, communication students are mini-experts in a number of disciplines.

It is impossible to find a job if you are a communication major

When people see you working as a McDonalds cashier for the rest of your natural, it is a bad feeling. The truth is that communication majors have started up new professions that did not exist 20 years ago, like social media managers and online brand managers. The title of a media and communication major does not speak a lot about the ability to get an up-market job. But communication students learn how to research, think, analyze, speak and write well. Indeed, if you can speak, think and write well, you will be in-demand on a constantly changing job market.

It is easy to study communication

Communications students do not have to memorize complicated chemistry formulas or anatomy, but it doesn’t mean that they do not face challenges with their studying. This major has one of the highest graduation rates because they only need students who are reliable, smart and have a need for individual success.

A communication degree is nothing without a law school

Communication studies can bring you to the law school, but it can be the path that leads to many other places, too. To say the truth, all business areas include a necessity to communicate and, therefore, communication majors are at the center of managing the informational flow. There is no such field that doesn’t require communication whether it is managing, researching or writing. That is why communication majors have a possibility to pursue a great variety of interests. So, it is not easy to find out what sphere are actually inapproachable for communication majors.

Communication is the same as journalism

It is true that some graduates become broadcast journalists, but communication and journalism are not synonymous. Communication or media degrees allow students to get a career in sports media, news, communication and corporate departments. They know how to reach audience’s attention, and they have an idea of how good media content should look like.

In a word, communication students are multi-functional, creative and skilled. They are those who entertain, inform and connect you to your friends with the help of media!