Tips on How to Get Your Journal Paper Published

Everyone knows that writing a paper can be a really tough task for the student. But, what if you need to get it published in some journal? Here you have some really useful tips on how to deal with this problem and reach your success with publishing a journal paper.

Get a review

It is very important for every writer not to rush. You should not ask any editor to work on your manuscript. First of all, you should review it with your own eye. Also, you can ask for help one or even two of your objective friends or colleagues to do the job. One of them should be familiar with the subject of your research. The other one should be absolutely unfamiliar with it. This trick will give an objective view on your paper for sure. They will tell you if it is experienced and clear enough at the same time. It is a normal habit for many academic departments when different writers read each others' papers.

Send your draft to the editorial office

You should remember that there is always some sort of imbalance between the paper and the journal's view. It can be the main cause for rejection result. It is highly recommended to learn and compare the some regular papers that appear in the journal you want to send your paper to. Don’t ask journal simply to review your paper just to get feedback. No one will waste their time on it.

Write a cover letter

Cover letters are very useful; it is very important to realize it. Tell them why did you choose the editor’s journal. You can also say who do you want for your paper review in your cover letter. Remember that editor may follow all of your recommendations or any of them.

No panic

First of all, you should realize that the most papers are always rejected at the first. Don’t worry and remember that this is a normal process. The rule tells that you need to get all of your rejections before you get your publications. It is about 5 of 10 papers are accepted right from the start. It is a very small portion of submissions. But you should realize that it is a signal to from the editor to make it better, just try to accept this.

Be serious about reading your reviews

There are four types of the positive review except the simply "reject”.

  • Accept: Almost no papers get their acceptance for the first time
  • Accept with Revision: You have to make just some changes before the publication
  • Revise and resubmit: That means they are interested in your paper
  • Reject and resubmit: That means they are interested in you as a writer

Sometimes you can be recommended submitting some different journal. It means that your work is not hopeless. It doesn’t fit their journal.

Anyway, don’t stop writing and trying. If you are asked for a revision, try to do it. You may use our services to have your journal revised properly.